Whatcha been up to?

I have so many different things/projects to share with you but until I can, I thought I’d share some of my instagram photos with you! If you have instagram look me up @amber_griffin!

Now onto the good stuff!

KG was mowing our dog lot last Friday  and decided to push the lawnmower out instead of driving it out, while not to let the dogs out! Well, when he pushed it it went a tad bit farther than he had wanted. That technically isn’t our “yard” (its just a hill with a bunch of leaves and sticks on it) and yes, that’s the lake. But he was laughing about it, so it was all good in the end:) Good thing it wasn’t over a few feet or it wouldn’t took a nice little swim!


KG is a bowler. Recently, he has taken that a little bit father (his dream is to go pro) and is entering in a lot of bowling tournaments. What does that mean for me? Well, LOTS of downtime. Some of these tournaments are hours away, and then take hours to complete, so I take my crochet everywhere I go! (my photography friend usually reeps the reward)




Oh yeh, Saturday was the All-Star NASCAR race in Charlotte, and it RAINED. No, not the whole time, just that cloudy, you never know when its just gonna start pouring down kinda day. But it DID pour down right as the thing was about to start, but have no fear RAIN GEAR was near:)


Now onto the projects!

When we aren’t going to races or bowling tournaments we spend our time on our house! I’ve got maybe 10ish or so projects going on right now! Here’s a few sneak peaks!

Craft Room Overhaul



Massive patio project

We may have gotten a little over our heads with this one. But it will be pretty when its finally done! I’ve gotta kick KG’s butt in gear!


Stick around! You’ll wanna see the finished project!


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