Spray Paint Wonder

Whew! What a crazy busy weekend!

A bowling tournament, pressure washing and staining took up my weekend, oh and some sanding!

Here’s a quick project I completed in between all that other crazyness!

I had gotten this metal/iron dog bowl at hobby lobby a few weeks back. 50% off of course, with all intentions of painting it.  Well, I finally got around to doing just that!

So, here is the before!

photo copy

After a few coats of Krylon Spray paint it went from that to this!

dogbowl1 copy

Easy Peasy! Now sure how Magz feels about it, but I LOVE IT..

Before I leave you for today, I do have a sneak peek of what I’m working on! After acquiring three pieces of furniture over the weekend, I decided to jump right  into revamping them! The pieces originally came from Pier 1 back in 2001, and not necessarily my taste, but I can fix that! Here’s what the night stand looks like after a good sanding session! I plan on covering up/replacing the bamboo fronts with mirrors.. the color I haven’t quite decided on.. Guess I should be figuring that out huh?

sandeddresser copy

You’ll wanna come back for the reveal!


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