A head above the rest

Since I haven’t been able to work on alot of new projects, I thought I’d share some of my past projects..

I completed this project last November, and used them as a gift for my brother and my uncle.

I went to Keith as said, I have a project for you! Of course, he rolled his eyes at me, but did it anyways! 

I think they turned out great!

First Step that needed to be completed was to trace the image onto the board. I couldn’t quite find the exact image I wanted to use, so I found a similar image, edited it a little to my liking, then used a light tracer to transfer the image to the plywood.


I wasn’t allowed to do the next step. The hubby has a crazy idea that I didnt’ need to use the jig-saw. I think I should prove him wrong. So he did the second step, of cutting the image I had traced out of the plywood.



 Once both Deer were cut out of the plywood, it was time to paint!

(please excuse, my nasty, painted up carpet)

I choose to use a hunter orange, and a grey! I then used some espresso stain and “antiqued” them suckers right up!

Since I was giving these as a gift, I added some ribbon and a bow to each one!




This project is super easy, with the right tools of course, and could be done with almost any kine of silhouette image.

I’m thinking I may do one of my dog for a decor piece in my living room.. 

OO.. a chevron weenie dog.. yep! I need to get that one in the works!



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